How to garden with the moon cycles ?

There are several things to consider when gardening according to the rhythms of the moon :

The path of the moon

The moon is etheir ascending or descending.

The ascending moon is the time when it can be observed each day highter in the horizon. During this time, sap rises in plants favoring the parts above ground. This is a good time to graft, take cuttings and harvest leaves, fruit and flowers.

Conversely, during the descending moon, you can watch the moon go down into the horizon. That makes it a good time to plant, transplant and repot, trim and prune, fertilize, weed and mow, harvest roots and tubers.

The phase of the moon

This is the synodic rhythm of the moon, during which it passes from a new moon to a full moon (waxing) and from the full moon to the new moon (waning).

Plants harvested during the waxing phase will last longer. This is the ideal time to harvest for storage.

The waning phase is favourable for harvesting aromatic and medicinal plants. The crops will taste better and the healing properties are enhanced.

Roots, leaves, flowers or fruit day types

The days (or periods) roots, leaves, flowers or fruit, are based on the position of the moon in its sidereal cycle.

When gardening with the moon, it is important to know how to relate these periods with plants :

See the page dedicated to plant categories for a non-exhaustive list of day/plant type associations.

Lunar nodes, perigees an apogees

In its cycle, the moon passes through its perigee, apogee and lunar nodes. It is advised to avoid gardening 4 hours before or 4 hours after these events.

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