How to catch fish under the cycles of the moon ?

The page fishing under the moon and the calendar contains the necessary advice to prepare a fishing trip. The indicators are as follows :

Major and minor periods

This indicates the best time of day to catch fish.

The minor and major periods are derived from the solunar theory of John Alden Knight. They are calculated from the position of the moon in relation to that of the individual fisherman on earth.

The major periods (of 2 hours duration) are defined by the hour at which the moon is at zenith or nadir.

As for the minor periods (1h duration), they are determined by moonrise and sunset.

Sunrise and sunset times

During these times fish activity is increased, especially when it coincides with a minor or major period.

The daily index

The daily index is a guide to the probability of catching fish according to the phase of the moon.

This is calculated using a formula based on the phases of the moon and the observations of Mr. CAUSSEL MAURICE in his book "Les Bars - Pêches modernes et traditionnelles".

The chart

The chart (on fishing under the moon page) combines the daily index with the minor and major periods. It is possible to estimate at a glance the probability of catching fish according to the time of day.

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